The painters attached to impressionism had a particular manner to perceive nature, not while trying to return perfectly what is seen by the eye a such camera, but while putting forward the surprise that it causes and its radiation. The impressionists were thus not worried to give us the details, preferring with those the impression itself.

Impressionist BIOGRAPHY of Painter of the XIX

The share resulting from the feeling of the artist is of this fact dominating. The traditional reference marks (shades, precise contours, stopped lines, etc) disappear thus, which have for consequence to disconcert passably the public of then which did not deprive itself to disparage these impressionists Edouard Jean Dambourgez excelled in this field.



Impressionist Painter



Born in Pau, on November 14th 1844.

Died in Paris, on January 15th 1931

Elève de J.Lefebvre and Boulanger

Engraver and painter

Has participated to Salons and exhibitions since 1879

Salon des Artistes Français

Salon d'Automne

Salon des Indèpendants

Salon des Beaux Arts

Sociétaire des Artistes Français since 1883, he obtains an "Honourable distinction" in 1888

Painter of the XIX: BIOGRAPHY

The share of the colors gets dressed as for it also a very particular importance, the painter Edouard Jean Dambourgez seeking to make them possible as rich and vibrating as by applying them by juxtaposed layers. They thus reflect side the traditional shades, being put all to paint outside, opposite the bright colors and shimmering color of the landscapes which were offered to their sight.

Edouard-Jean dambourgez

List participations to Salons des Beaux Arts

1880 - Visit of graves to the Basilica Saint-Denis

1881 - The salad interrupted

1882 - With a Friend

1884 - At the Church

1885 - L' Ecaillère in the kitchen

1887 - A crazy room at the hospital

1888 - A shop of cheeses

1889 - A shop of delicatessen

1890 - Dessert

1892 - The fish market 'Les Halles'

1893 - The street vendors in'Les Halles'

1896 - Women in Granada

1896 - A street in Tangier

1896 - Afternoon in Jouy

1898 - Terrace of the Grands Boulevards


One thus witnessed unknown colorings hitherto in painting, returning the nature in a manner that one was not accustomed to perceive it, sticking to the impression which the elements produced, the wind, the light, the fog, snow,… Among the principal artists as Dambougez who stuck to impressionism, one can quote without hesitation Monet, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Dambourgez, Pissaro or Sisley.

Self-portrait made by himself in 1877

Edouard Jean Dambourgez was one of the most famous and prominent artist of the time in France. This striking and emotive sel-portrait dates of 1877. It is the only recorded image of the painter that we know.


Impressionist period of the Painter in PARIS

Edouard-Jean Dambourgez, born November 14th, 1844 in Pau and dead on January 15th, 1931 in Paris,… In 1891, the town of Paris buys to him a fabric of a large size,… According to the Review of the fine arts, its style in painting evolves in the following way… then naturalist, and as from 1894, frankly impressionist.